Pride cometh before the fall…

I don’t care hugely for football – I like it, I’ll watch it, but there are many higher priorities – but I did catch the very end of the Champion’s League final last night. Of course that’s an irony just there: I’m just old enough to remember when it was called the European Cup, and only the champions of each countries’ leagues qualified to play. Then it became a super-rich tournament, rebranded the Champions’ League, and features teams as low as fourth in their respective National Leagues. Hmm. But I’m wandering from the point, which was how much I enjoyed Ronaldo’s penalty miss. He has great talent, but too much pride. His swaggering run-up and gamesmanship in his stutter which was of course intended to put off the goalkeeper, ended in a very tame spot-kick, and a lot of derisive jeering. He looked very foolish, and it is only a shame that Chelsea threw away their chance and so his error of judgement will be forgotten in the grand scheme of things! But for today, it’s keeping me amused!

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