Quasimodal (3)

Another day, another Quasimodal gig. This one, however, was a little different. For a start it took place on my birthday (woohoo!), and it wasn’t late in the evening in a dark basement – it was at 6pm in a cafe! Piedescalso is a very bizarre little café on Thomas Street in Dublin. It’s long and thin, and the walls serve as an art gallery. The emphasis is on relaxation and smiles. Simon and Alon and their unplugged guitars fit the chilled out atmosphere perfectly, and they played on and off for nearly 2 hours, mixing up their usual programme of their own songs with a few other bits and pieces. Hearing the music of Dowland and Ravenscroft accompanied by guitars in a gig setting was unusual, but it fit their programme perfectly.

Their quasimodal style was adapted to form a pastiche of Radiohead (who had played in Dublin the night before the gig), using some translated Hebrew text (of all things). Worked a treat. Whilst it was not quite like being at Croke Park or Malahide Castle, it made those of us who had missed out on Radiohead feel a little better about ourselves!

Following the gig, I joined the musicians to attend another gig at the Button Factory. A slightly random (but in places perfectly good) German electronic group called Notwist were playing, but more importantly, Simon’s housemate Sinead’s band, Half Set, were playing before them, and we went along to support. Thank you to Simon for the ticket as part of my birthday present!!

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