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Working away

Like so many people’s, my job often involves periods away from home, and now is one of those times. Far from Oxfordshire, I’m currently (for two weeks) living out of a suitcase in a hotel in Ramsbottom (comedy name, not … Continue reading

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My friend Helen lives on a houseboat, which is convenient, since like a snail she can take her home with her. The other weekend she decided to use the boat to get to a wedding, and requested some company/help returning … Continue reading

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Babies – no, not mine

Just a brief note today- I had the great joy of finally meeting one of my longest friends’ baby today (cue debate on apostrophe position … ). Bethany is now one and cirumstances have prevented me meeting her up until … Continue reading

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The human condition…

I travel from Oxford to Reading by train most days, since I live in the former, and work in the latter. Travelling by train is an excellent opportunity to observe interest human behaviours (trying to avoid sounding too David Attenborough … Continue reading

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Budget 2009

As a trainee accountant, it is part of my nature and job that I should be interested in the budget, but what a lot of nothing the budget was. Full of interpretations and facts that most of us knew already … Continue reading

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