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My friend Helen lives on a houseboat, which is convenient, since like a snail she can take her home with her. The other weekend she decided to use the boat to get to a wedding, and requested some company/help returning … Continue reading

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Babies – no, not mine

Just a brief note today- I had the great joy of finally meeting one of my longest friends’ baby today (cue debate on apostrophe position … ). Bethany is now one and cirumstances have prevented me meeting her up until … Continue reading

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Fun times and Second Test

Life is currently good! Last night I enjoyed some wonderful Alsace wine with some of my best friends, and now it’s Friday. Fridays of course are always good – it’s the weekend, but today is a particularly good Friday. In … Continue reading

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As the saying goes, there are two certainties in life – death and taxes. What is always a shock though is the death of a young person, in this case someone in her mid-twenties. Although no more than a casual … Continue reading

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